Memory Campus Strategy


Through research, education and innovation, we are developing information management for a digital future. We bring together businesses, communities and public sector actors to strengthen growth, development and collaboration.​


Community spirit – strong network of actors (Memory Campus community), internal and external cooperation.
Quality – multidisciplinary expertise, large-scale data sets, agile user-driven development, training and knowledge networks.
Impact – research and development in information management, strategic advocacy, internationalisation.


Networking and business enablement – bringing actors together, strengthening business opportunities, success stories, cluster services.
Knowledge development – developing skills through training, projects and learning environments, knowledge networks.
Data processing and service provision – production and processing of data, development of data re-use opportunities, provision of information management and data economy solutions. ​


Memory Campus will be the leading collaborative cluster for information management in 2030, creating sustainable value for businesses, communities and public sector actors by developing skills, refining data and enabling new business.​

Strategy updated 2/2024.