Memory Campus Services

What kind of services are provided by Memory Campus, companies and organizations?

Services for members of the network

Commercialization, productization, and opportunities for new business, collaborative networks, testing and piloting, future expertise and education, research and product development partnerships, responsible circular economy, and sustainable development.

Services provided by the actors of Memory Campus

The actors of Memory Campus produce new innovations and solutions for the benefit of businesses and organizations, as well as collaborative research, development, and innovation activities, and education in the field, in cooperation with companies, RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) actors, and educational partners.

Memory Lab research environment

The Memory Lab research environment provides infrastructure for the development and testing of new methods, products, and services.

Project planning and cooperation

Ensuring the availability and usability of data, as well as utilizing and refining information, occur through development projects that we implement in collaboration with the actors of Memory Campus, companies, and organizations.