Memory Campus Organization

The owner of Memory Campus is the city of Mikkeli. It is coordinated by Xamk, and its activities are guided by an steering group composed of industry experts. The entities involved in Memory Campus together form a center of expertise, enabling new developments from the perspectives of competence, research, education, and business.

The memory organizations of Memory Campus ensure the strengthening of expertise in traditional archiving, digital archiving, and digitization in the area, contributing to the growth of the industry’s competence level and business opportunities.

R&D and education organizations form the foundation for competence development, training, and research, thereby ensuring an adequate supply of skilled professionals in the region and continuous innovation development.

Around this network of actors, companies and organisations have the opportunity to expand their operations, whether it be in technology, hardware, software development, information management, data security, data storage, or the creation of new innovative services.

Memory Campus steering group (from January 1, 2023)

The activities of Memory Campus are steered by a group of experts from different fields. The steering group is assembled by the City of Mikkeli.

  • Aki Kauranen, City of Mikkeli
  • Noora Talsi, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences Xamk
  • Päivi Happonen, National Archives of Finland (2nd Juhani Tikkanen)
  • Minna Kaukonen, National Library of Finland (2nd Johanna Lilja)
  • Jarmo Luoma-aho, Central Archives for Finnish Business Records’ (Elka) (2nd Olli Alm)
  • Timo Paakki, Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd (2nd Jussi Heinimö)
  • Maarit Palo, IBM Finland

Memory Campus coordinator Kati Saltiola will also attend meetings as a secretary.