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Kansallisarkiston kolme työntekijää Mikkelin keskusarkistossa

National Archives of Finland

Long-term work has been done in Mikkeli
to ensure competence in the field of archives.
– We value the expertise available in Mikkeli and hope to make even greater use of it. 

Juhani Tikkanen, Director, Production Services (pictured right)

National Library of Finland

The Mikkeli-based library and archive hub is developing the whole sector in Finland.
– It is a good place to work, because we cooperate well with Xamk, National Archives of Finland, other archives,
Ruralia Institute and the University Centre of Mikkeli.

Minna Kaukonen, Head of Planning

Kansalliskirjaston Minna Kaukonen esittelee digitointia
Elkan Jarmo Luoma-aho esittelee Elkan arkistoa

Central Archives for Finnish Business Records’ (Elka)

Mikkeli is the second most important archive centre in Finland after Helsinki. Elka develops archival activities with other archival experts in Mikkeli in various joint projects.

Jarmo Luoma-aho, Director